Magento 1.7 Extension - Frontend Order Message

In Magento 1.7, you could only add comments to orders in backend. So we developed this extension for our customer.

After installation, it will add comment fields to both default checkout methods. Customers could still post comments after the order created by another comment form added in viewing orders. All the comments will be saved into original order history feature, you could reply it in backend directly. It won't break any existed processes.

This extension only cost you 6.99 USD. If you are coming from Taiwan, we could provide official invoice to you. The price here is tax excluded.

You could purchase this extension by making a payment in Paypal. If you need other payment methods, please contact us first.

comment form in onepage checkout

comment form in multishipping checkout

comment form in viewing the order

--- installation guide ---

Once you finished the purchasing, you will receive the extension file 'Olctw_FrontendOrderMessage-1.0.0.tgz' through email. Then following the steps below:

# Login to backend using admin account
# Select "System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager"
# Login using admin account again
# Find the section 'Direct package file upload', and upload the file
# Click 'Return to Admin' in the top bar
# Select "System -> Configuration"
# Click 'General -> Design'
# Find the section 'Templates' in 'Themes'
# Type 'olctw' to Templates and click 'Save config'

Then the extension should work as expected. We could setup it for you if the steps above not work for you.

Notice: If you are using custom templates, you may have to copy files under app/design/frontend/default/olctw/template/ to your template. Maybe it will need some modifications if there's any conflict.