Magento 1.7 Extension - Customer Dashboard

Sometimes you just want to know all messages sent to customer from your Magento webshop. With this extension installed, each message sent using the Magento built-in email features will save a copy in database. It also provides a simple interface under backend menu "Customer -> Customer Dashboard". You could also filter the messages by specified customer.

This extension only cost you 39 USD. If you are coming from Taiwan, we could provide official invoice to you. The price here is tax excluded.

You could purchase this extension by making a payment in Paypal. If you need other payment methods, please contact us first.

* For security reasons, the registration message is ignored as that message includes plain password of customer's account.
* Customer Dashboard is empty at first after installing. It will have the messages if there's any message sent from your webshop since then.

With customer dashboard enabled74.96 KB